Technical Audit on French Embassy Diplomatic Campus

The French Embassy in Indonesia with the management assistance of the Regional Real Estate Department in Jakarta issued a Request for Tender for a mission of technical audit on the existing French Embassy diplomatic campus in Jakarta currently located at Jl. MH Thamrin No. 20, Jakarta Pusat 10350, Indonesia.
The technical audit is envisioned to provide a clear diagnosis of various technical items and equipment of the new French Embassy described in the scope of works. The building is about 6,000 m2 built area, 1998 m2 net area for the Chancery (consisting of five floors or levels with one basement) and 1,827 m2 bet area.
Generally, the technical audit will comprise of checks and tests of installed electrical and mechanical systems and equipment in the structural facility. Specifically, the technical audit will take a detailed look into the: (i) network of earth (ground), (ii) power transformers, (iii) generator, (iv) differential protective devices, (v) electric cupboards, (vi) safety lighting, and (vii) fire alarm system.