ARISE – Workshop on Formulation of an Enhanced Scorecard Mechanism

Assignment Name : Enhanced AEC Scorecard Development
Country : Indonesia
Location within country : Hotel Gran Mahakam, Jakarta
Name of Client : European Union & ASEAN Secretariat
Start Date (Month/Year) : 09/06/2014 Completion Date (Month/Year) : 10/06/2014

The ASEAN Regional Integration Support from the EU (ARISE) programme is a technical co-operation facility. Implemented over the four year period to 2016, the purpose of ARISE is to support the Implementation of key regional integration initiatives priorities in the Master Plan for ASEAN Connectivity, to build the ASEAN single market and production base.

Support will be given to a variety of ASEAN bodies that include the ASEAN Secretariat, the Comittee of Permanent Representatives and bodies such as the Coordinating Commitee on ASEAN Trade in Goods Agreement, the Coordinating Comittee on Costums, the Coordinating Comittee on Standards and Quality, working under the purview of the ASEAN Senior Economic Officials Meeting, the ASEAN Economic Ministers Meeting, the ASEAN Finance Ministers Meeting.

The objective of the two-day brainstorming workshop was to set up an open discussion forum to develop and exchange ideas amongst the current practitioners in ASEC and regional economic integration resource persons from the OECD and UN-CRIS as well as two international experts. The discussion on day one was based on the AEC Scorecard, which is the current tool used to monitor compliance of the initiatives under the AEC Blueprint. In light of identified limitations of the current AEC Scorecard, the discussion on day two was focused on developing a set of integration indicators, which would complement the current compliance tool with an outcome-based monitoring system.