PT AETS Indo Pacific is a subsidiary of AETS France which has an in-house and associated multidisciplinary team of internationally experienced experts, comprising engineers, technicians, economists, financial and institutional analysts, legal and regulatory specialists. AETS France is a component of The French Group APAVE, which was established more than 140 years ago, and has positioned itself as the world leader in industrial risks management.

With 9,600 employees, including 7,000 engineers and technicians, APAVE provides governments, businesses and local communities with appropriate responses to their specific needs, and in various sectors such as: agrobusiness, industries, hotels, construction, petroleum and petrochemical industries, nuclear and banking sector.

PT AETS Indo Pacific has been engaged in managing projects of AETS France in Indonesia. AETS Indo Pacific has acted out in project management unit and has proven its capability to manage the projects by mobilizing the experts, managing the projects expenses as well as ensuring that the projects are within the the clients satisfaction standards. In the mean time, AETS Indo Pacific is engaged in three four years projects: ASEAN Regional Integration Supported by EU and Technical Assistance for the EU Indonesia Trade Support Programme II. The total budget of these projects is more than 20 millions euro.

Through their contracts of engagement, consultants and associate firms are obligated to adhere to all client requirements as exacted from the head contract with AETS Indo Pacific. AETS Indo Pacific will also require that all reports/deliverables are submitted to the client via the responsible AETS Indo Pacific manager, thus enabling stringent quality control over editing and compliance with the Terms of Reference. Experts are also selected according to their previous experience and an evaluation of their performance is equally undertaken at the end of each assignment. In order to provide consistently deliver quality outputs, Management through the Team Leader will evaluate performance of key persons assigned into the project every three months. If it is found that any key persons not perform well, the Management will propose to the Client on substitution of personnel based on evaluation of the Team Leader.