Mrs. Ira Sudargo

Mrs.Ira Sudargo holds a Master Degree in Finance from the University of Central Oklahoma, USA. She has more than 10 years of experience in several International Banks as a Senior Manager. Before joining AETS, she was the General Manager for Finance and Administration of a lead French Consulting Firm in Indonesia.
She is currently the director of PT AETS Indo Pacific, responsible to develop the company and to deploy and supervise project management functions (in particular financial and operational management) which are entrusted to the AETS office in Jakarta, namely on the following main projects (from the latest one) : French Embassy Technical Audit, Strengthening Technical Capacity: Rice Fortification under RASKIN Program in Indonesia, Trade Support Program II (TSP2), Technical Assistance for the ASEAN Regional Integration Support by the European Union (ARISE).
Mrs Ira also has experience in managing international workshops. She was assigned as Head of Project Management Unit Event Organizer of the regional workshops: on April 2010 – Workshop on East-Asia Regional Media Program: Journalism in Multicultural World; on July 2008 – Workshop on the EU Proposal for Biofuel Opportunities for South-East Asia; on June 2008 – For the Directorate General, Health and Consumer Protection (DG SANCO). – the regional workshop on EU Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (SANCO/2006/E2/S12.485672; on April 2006 – For the Directorate General of Health and Consumer Protection (DG SANCO)-the Regional workshop on the EU legislation on fishery and aquaculture products (SANCO/2006/E2/027).

Ms. Citra Angelica
Ms. Citra holds a bachelor degree in English Literature and Arts from State University of Jakarta and a master degree in Communication Studies from Prof. Dr. Moestopo (Beragama) University. She is a business development officer and responsible for the preparation of the whole documentation in the submission of the Expression of Interest and the Proposal for all sectos from various international donors and also responsible for updating the database in those sectors.
Apart from that, she was also responsible for providing the short term national experts for Trade Support Program II (TSP II) Project together with Mrs. Ira Sudargo.

Fika Frihandini Pic
Ms. Fika Frihandini
Ms. Fika holds a bachelor degree from Paramadina University in Psychology. She is curently a business development officer and responsible for the preparation of the submission of the Expression of Interests and the Proposals for several sectors from various international donors. She is also assisting in submitting the reports of PLN Due Diligence project.

Lestari My OctavianiMs. Lestari My Oktaviani
Ms. Lestari holds a bachelor degree from President University in Industrial Engineering. She is responsible for recording all the administration and financial documents related to the implementation of ARISE Plus Project as Project Administration Staff under the direct supervision of Mrs. Ira Sudargo. Before joining PT AETS Indo Pacific, she has worked for some manufacturing companies as project administration and designer staff.

Mr. Bambang Julyanto
Mr.Bambang Julyanto holds a bachelor degree in Accounting from Mercu Buana University. He is responsible for all financial report, payroll and taxation under direct supervision of Ms.Ira Sudargo. Before joining PT AETS Indo Pacific, he has worked for some companies as an accounting and tax officer.

Ms. (Rena) Chuanrong Wang
Ms. Rena holds a masters degree in International Material Flow Management from University of Applied Sciences Trier, Germany. She currently acts as AETS representative in China and has worked with international cooperation programs on climate change, low carbon development planning, energy efficiency, renewable energies, green financing and NGO dialogue and familiar with the international cooperation and project management, understand the international cooperation strategies and goals. Ms. Rena is also proficient on policy research and recommendation, capacity building, tools and guideline development, project review/ reporting.
As AETS representative in China, Ms. Rena has good network with local and international academy institutes, and government agencies in China. She also has very good experiences on the office management, project coordination, management, guidance and support and good skill on the partnership establishment and cooperation.

Mr. Vincent Andre
Mr. Vincent Andre holds a masters degree in Food Science and Technology and currently acts as AETS Representative in Thailand. He has 10-year experience living and working in South East Asia and extensive experience in the provision of certification services in GMP, GLOBALGAP, HACCP, BRC, ISO22000, organic standards requirements and procedures, knowledge of international trade rules, standards, procedures and SPS & TBT agreement and experience in food quality conformity assessment and SPS management and control.
He also has ability to operate comfortably in ASEAN countries, dealing with civil servants, local administration, and developing partnerships with high level.